All available treatments at Lakshmi Aesthetics are considered with your safety in mind. The techniques employed to administer treatments expose you to the least possible risk.


A consultations cost £35 and last  60 minutes, during which time we’ll talk about what you want to achieve and why, so I can gauge your expectations and advise you accordingly.

 In order to understand what you would like to achieve with treatments,  I’ll want to gather a fair bit of information about you including a full medical and treatment history. This will enable us to create a realistic treatment plan. 

You’ll also have a full facial assessment, which essentially involves pulling funny faces at me so that I can observe the work of your facial muscles, examine your bone structure, skin quality and facial proportions.

You’ll have a chance to ask any questions and we will discuss how we’re going to achieve the results you want, as well as any risks that might come from the treatment. You’ll get some time to decide whether you want to proceed, and if you definitely want treatment, we’ll get it booked in!

The price of a consultation is £35. This will be refunded from the total cost of treatment if you decide to proceed.

It may be possible to proceed with treatment on the same day as your consultation.

What happens at a treatment appointment?

We’ll recap the information that we covered during your consultation, and I’ll take you through the ins and outs of the treatment procedure. You'll need to read and sign some consent forms. We’ll take a before picture, and I’ll draw on your face with my magic pencil. You’ll lay down on the couch, close your eyes, and think of the world you’re about to conquer with your new-found, post-treatment confidence. After your treatment, you’ll get to check out your new self in the mirror. We’ll take some after photos, I will provide you with some some post-procedure advice and book you in for a review appointment 2 to 4 weeks later.


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AlumierMD is a true professionally-dispensed medical-grade skincare brand dedicated to the latest advancements in Clean Science, and delivering therapeutic outcomes for patients presenting an array of skin conditions and concerns.